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Don't know what you can expect during my photo sessions? Is this your first ever time being photographed by a professional? Here is a detailed rundown of how my photoshoots are laid out from booking to delivery.


This is simple; visit me at, and click on “Book a Session”. There you will see a current selection of my available portrait packages. All bookings require a non-refundable 50% deposit. Currently, because of my schedule, I am only able to offer a limited number of dates, though I hope to add more over time.



Once your booking is secured, I will carefully look over your submission, and, within two days, begin to scout locations and landmarks within the area. If this is an indoor (i.e., at home) photoshoot, please specify such.


Also, if you've selected a Senior Photoshoot, you will be emailed a separate email containing my special questionnaire form just for seniors. I’ll decide which areas are good for lighting, as well as which areas are not too crowded at a given time.


Afterward, depending on the session package, I’ll decide which poses work best for each location I’m at. If I need to ask any questions regarding your location of choice, I will notify you by email.



Once I’ve scouted all the locations, and planned my shot list, I’ll contact you again and discuss more about the shoot; what are your expectations, and tips on what to wear (the weather can be very predictable).



I will provide routine, timely updates on our session date, such as weather where to park if you prefer to drive, any nearby coffee places, plus any planned events that may be nearby our shooting area. Pending on these circumstances, there is a chance your session may possibly be changed/rescheduled.


If there is a major update to any, or all, of the aforementioned, I will notify you by both email and text.


On the day before the session, you will be sent a final email reminder, containing the session time, and place of meetup.



The big day! We will meet at the desired location that you requested at booking.


After introductions, I’ll discuss the shoots I plan to take, the locations that I will shoot at, and, if time permits, ask them which pose I haven’t done that they would want to have.


At the end of our session, I will show you a peek of the photos from my camera, discuss any final thoughts about the session, promote any current or upcoming session packages, say our goodbyes, and part ways.



I will be hard at work culling the best photos to edit in Lightroom. Once the final images are edited, I will upload them onto ShootProof, and, within 2-3 days, you will be sent an email, containing a specially-tailored link to your personalized gallery.


When viewing the gallery, all photos will be automatically watermarked. But you will have the option to purchase each photo, full size and without any copyright markings. As part of your session you are allowed to download up to the amount of free images as advertised in your session package.


After you have downloaded your images in the allotted amount, you will then need to purchase to download any remaining images. Currently all individual images are $5.00 (USD) each. Depending on the size of the package and the gallery, you may also have the option of purchasing a full gallery (pricing will depend on size of the gallery).



That is it! From here, you have completed your very special photography experience with me! You can share them with besties, cherish them with your loved ones, and upload them online and on socials. Please just make sure to tag me, so that the whole world can know who’s taking the shots in the Big Apple!

Thank you for reading through my step-by-step guide. I hope you have found this page very helpful. And I look forward to sharing your stories very soon.

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